Non è voluto per Hallowen questo post, ma per narrare delle tante donne tacciate di stregoneria..nel corso dei secoli.

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    This marginal drawing in a fifteenth-century French manuscript is sometimes said to be the oldest known representation of a witch flying a broomstick. It comes from a copy of Martin le Franc's 24,000-line poem on the morality of women, 'Le Champion des Dames' (Paris, BnF MS Fr. 12476, f. 105v). Although most of the text – dedicated to Philip 'the Good,' Duke of Burgundy – is given over to the good deeds and noble behaviour of exemplary women throughout history, Martin devotes some 800 lines to women heretics and witches. Here the witches are identified as 'Waldensians,' members of a proto-Protestant sect that had been declared heretical in the thirteenth century and by the later Middle Ages was routinely linked to witchcraft and black magic by its critics and the Church. This manuscript was made c. 1440; in 1487 Pope Innocent VIII issued a bull demanding the complete annihilation of the Waldensian heresy, leading to a crusade-like campaign against the group in southern France and northern Italy.⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ #marginalia #fifteenthcentury #1400s #france #medievalfrance #manuscript #medievalmanuscript #manuscriptillumination #manuscriptmarginalia #medievalmarginalia #witch #witches #broomstick #wickedwitch #goodwitch #poetry #medievalpoetry #middleages #moyenage #mittelalter #medioevo #edadmedia #medievalworld #bnf #paris #art #history #heresy #waldensians #heretics⁠⠀ •⁠⠀ Photo: BnF Paris

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